Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rogue Trader Adventurers

I made a decision to fill in the missing models from my adventurer collection and, more importantly, get them all painted! I've had many of these models for decades, purchased when they were actually released, but there were a few missing. I have managed to acquire all of them in the last few weeks except for the Test-Bed Slave (if anyone has one they are willing to part with, drop me a note).

This model was listed as Tech-Priest Zon, but I've painted him as some sort of bureaucrat so I've renamed him Administrator Zon. He will be part of the administratum and likely end up as an objective in some game or another!

I'm not sure what an Ex-Tech is supposed to be, but he's armed with a flamer... maybe some sort of welder in the employ of the Adeptus Mechanicus? He's probably destined to join their retinue in the Last Stand at Brandon's Star IV game...

Obviously many more to come as well as mixing in other models from era!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reading Rogue Trader, Part Fourteen

A bit more on weapons...

There are four weapon 'types'
C - Close Combat - Yes, you can use these in hand to hand. Examples: Auto-pistol, Chainsword.
H - Heavy - The weapon imposes a movement penalty listed in it's profile. Examples: Heavy Bolter (1" penalty), Las-cannon (2" penalty).
S - Slow - These are the familiar 'move or fire' weapons. Slow weapons may however be fired from a moving vehicle as long as the crew is stationary within the vehicle. Examples: Melta-Gun, Missile Launcher.
F - Following Fire - If you cause a wound with this weapon (even if it is saved) you get to roll to hit again, either against the same target or against another target within 4". Examples: Plasma Gun, Shuriken Catapult.

A few random notes...
- Auto-guns and Lasguns have the same stats, except that Auto-guns have a range of up to 32" compared to the pedestrian 24" range of the Lasgun.
- Bows could be equipped with explosive arrows that made them the equivalent of Bolt Guns...
- Graviton Gun... yep, this is where it was before every Space Marine in the new edition started carrying one. However, it didn't cause damage. Instead it gave the target a D6" penalty to movement FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. If the target's movement is reduced to zero, the target is pinned to the ground and can take no physical action. Note there is no save of any kind allowed!
- From the entry on the Musket: A primitive weapon, still used on some feral and backward planets, of which Birmingham is the most well known (Birmingham - aka The Black Planet - receives almost no visible light and as a result no-one wants to go there. Its inhabitants have become linguistically and culturally isolated). Have I mentioned how much I love this book?
- Shotgun has Scatter, Solid, and Gas round options.
- Shuriken Catapults have a 0-12"/12-24" range, +1 to hit at close range, S4, a -2 Armour Save mod, and Following Fire. Scary!
- Pistol ranges tend to run up to 16" and most have a +2 to hit at close range, making them much more useful than the modern versions.
- Plasma weapons do not suffer from the Gets Hot! rule, but must recharge between shots and can only fire every other turn.
- Power Swords are S5 (most close combat weapons use the strength of the wielder) and -1 armour save.
- Power Gloves are S8, -5 armour save, and do NOT strike last!

Next time we're going to look at grenades and missiles of which there were a far greater variety (and some great entertainment value) than today.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Servants of Mars

It's been a long time since I've been able to turn my attention to Last Stand at Brandon's Star IV. I'm RT mode right now, so I'm going to run with it as long as I have the urge. Part of the defenders in the scenario come from the ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus...

The servitor looks positively demented. I have another servitor stewing in a stripper tub (man, that sounds like more fun than it actually is) and a squad of five Confrontation Tech Gangers that will serve as Skitarii. As the Tech Priest appear to be unarmed, I'm going to equip his staff with a shield generator of some sort to lend protection to all models within 6".

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Psycho Sam

Ok, so not looking like a Goliath didn't go so well...

My original plan was to paint his skin in some sort of color pattern, but with all of the belts and straps the pattern I had in mind wasn't reading well. In the end I settled on a normal skin and concentrated on picking out the wealth of detail on the model.

Psycho Sam was fun to paint and I have no doubt he will be lending his shotgun in support on one side or the other of an upcoming Rogue Trader game.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Psycho Sam

At Historicon I had a chance to meet Airbornegrove and Bulldoglopez (pseudonyms used to protect the innocent or not as may be). They played some great looking Oldhammer games and you can see them all over at Give 'em Lead!

Mr. Grove kindly gave me one of the very rare Psycho Sam models and I am happy to say he is on the painting table. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with him which is exciting as I am often following a guide for much of my Rogue Trader collection. I want to avoid the Necromunda Goliath look so expect something... well, different.

Thanks, Thomas - finished model soon!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Historicon 2016

Ok, not Oldhammer or Rogue Trader, but I will be running a game set around a sally during the Siege of Derry in 1689 known as the Battle of Pennyburn Mill. The rules will be Beneath the Lily Banners and for those who don't know, I am half of the creative team for that ruleset (along with Republic to Empire and Donnybrook). My partner in these endeavors, Barry Hilton (if you ever read Wargames Illustrated you know who he is) is making the journey from Scotland to join me. A good thing too as I am TERRIBLE at remembering rules! I'm liable to just tell you to throw some dice, pretend to figure in modifiers, and judge the results by the number of 1's and 6's I see (just kidding... well, mostly).

The shot above shows about half of the 4x8' table I built specifically for the event. The trees in the upper right corner don't go there. There is a low wall and a camp near that spot, but I was too lazy to dig those bits out and the trees looked good for the photo. If this is the first you are hearing of this, there are months of posts, WiP shots of the table, features on the unit and more at the League of Augsburg blog (of which I am also partially in charge of). There's a 'Historicon 2016' tag is you scroll down to labels - currently at 22 posts and maybe a few more over the next couple of weeks...

The game is small for BLB with 87 models for the attackers (plus a small ship with two guns on the side of the board you can't see here) and 113 models for the defenders (coming on in waves - they are terribly outnumbered initially). Most of the models are painted my me, though we have some detachments of single models that Barry commissioned as neither of us had the time to paint the additional models needed. I'm in the process of basing them all know so they will fit in well with the rest of the collection. I kept the scenario small to allow for a conclusion to be reached during the four hour session which will also include time for teaching the basics of the rules). The game is designed for three players per side, but if all of the games are full and extra people show up and want to get in on the action, we'll figure out what to do with them!

I know from Facebook and several other forums and blogs that several Oldhammerers (?) and Rogue Traders will be there and trying to get in some games. I regret that I don't think I'll be up for more games after eight hours plus set up and take down every day (don't think it will be safe to leave everything in the venue for long), but I'll try to stop by a game or two and bring some models to show off. I guess we'll figure out how to meet up somehow - maybe on the Oldhammer in the New World Facebook page? Certainly I hope everyone gets the change to come by the League of Augsburg/Quindia Studios game. I'll be the guy with the ponytail. If you introduce yourself and I look at you funny, try your blogger name - then I'll know who you are!

I am seriously looking forward to this! I'll be back to some proper wargame projects after Historicon...

Friday, February 26, 2016

Adeptus Arbites Suppression Team

More models for Last Stand at Brandons Star IV!

My initial intention was to use Citadel's old Judge Dredd line for my Adeptus Arbites. However, when I dug them out of the cave they have languished in for decades, I discovered they were waaaay to small to go with the rest of the models. They are nearer true 25mm and while I'm not completely hung up on small differences in scale, these models were a head shorter than most of the others - not something to inspire fear among the citizenry!

Undeterred, I dug through my collection and found these Citadel Paranoia Security Guards and decided they would do nicely. I wish they made more of these. I may get a second set and try a little more drastic conversion work to build them from a 'team' to a 'squad'. I might also look at Warlord's Judge Dredd line - the sculpting seems to have a certain Rogue Trader charm, but again I'd have to see about how they fit in scalewise (anyone have some of these?). I managed a few quick weapon swaps with Bolt Pistols and a Plasma Gun to seat them more firmly in the Rogue Trader universe.

I chose to paint them in a scheme inspired by Judge Dredd rather than the more modern black and white. To tone down the garish combination a bit, I chose a green that had more of a blue tone and substituted a more earthy terracotta for the red. I am well pleased with the results and they should look great on the table! Their armour should give them a little more staying power than the average rebel model...

The Imperial force is taking shape. The models I've collected so far...

1 Astropath

1 Adeptus Arbites Suppression Team (3 models)

1 Adeptus Mechanicus
1 Tech Priest
2 Servitors
1 Skitarri Security Squad (5 models)
1 Robot

The Imperials will also have several scribes and administrators that will probably be of little use in combat, but may serve as shields for the Astropath! I intend to work out a rough point total and then work out the rebels. They outnumber the Imperials three to one, but are mostly standard humans. If I need to add models to the Imperials, I can always pull Marko Steelknife and his crew out for reinforcements!